Men Want What You Want!

Men Want What You Want! Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Carol Allen: It is the number one reason why the guys didn’t call back after a first date. She uses the term “boss lady.” You’re using the same language. There is no database on each other. Every word and nuance can be taken out of context. Tell me one thing that surprised you. Before you interviewed them, you knew where they were coming from. Was there anything that surprised you

Men Want Relationships

Men Want Relationships Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Carol Allen: It’s directly from them. What are one or two of the things that most or all of the male relationship experts that you interviewed agreed on? _____    Carol Allen There is a really sweet thing they agreed on that is such a relief to women.   Men Want Relationships Not “Freedom” I don’t know what your experience has been, Jasbina, but when you watch

Discover What Men Want

Discover What Men Want Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Carol Allen: Let’s switch gears. I’d love for you to share with our listeners what led you to create What Men Want? What led to this great idea? _____   Carol Allen Discover What Men Want: Building the Network Years ago, I was fortunate to have a radio show, just like you. Every week, I interviewed a different expert. The focus of the show was just

Men Want Smart Women

Men Want Smart Women Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. Christine B. Whelan, author of Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women: We’re very excited to have you. As a professional matchmaker and dating coach, I’m fascinated by insights and perspectives regarding relationships. Given that our clientele largely consists of highly educated and accomplished men and women, I’ve especially enjoyed reading both of your books. I’d love to explore some of the insights shared by you.