Discover What Men Want

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Carol Allen: Let’s switch gears. I’d love for you to share with our listeners what led you to create What Men Want? What led to this great idea?



Carol Allen

Discover What Men Want: Building the Network

Years ago, I was fortunate to have a radio show, just like you. Every week, I interviewed a different expert.

The focus of the show was just relationships. I befriended and got to know all of these incredible relationship experts. Because that’s my passion too and what I do as well, we would always have a lot in common and hit it off.

Some of my closest friends are other relationship experts. I’ve even created a networking group in Los Angeles for relationship experts.

We all go out to dinner, have drinks and share information. I have social relationships with all of these amazing male relationship experts. They have clients all over the world. They give seminars. They have books.

I loved picking their brains at these social events about men.


Discover What Men Want: They Disagree!

I loved it when they would say to me, “Hey, Carol. Do you know how you and this expert, all of you women, are telling women this? Guess what? We completely disagree.


Discover What Men Want: First Move

We completely disagree when you say to let men chase, never make the first move and never talk to a guy first. That’s nonsense.

We completely disagree with making us wait three months to sleep with you and not living with us before marriage.


Discover What Men Want: Moving On

Guess what? We’re going to break up with you and find another woman who will live with us before marriage. You tell women to date more than one guy at a time.

For a lot of us guys, that hurts our feelings. If we really like you and we know you’re dating other people, we’re going to slink away.


Discover What Men Want: Alpha Males

It’s not because we’re wimpy. It’s not because we’re losers. We’re alpha males who know what we want.

If we feel like you don’t want us, we’re not going to waste our time.”

They would start telling me stuff that was counter to what most of the women experts are teaching. These are men.


Jasbina Ahluwalia

Yes, it’s from the horse’s mouth.


Carol Allen

Discover What Men Want From Men Themselves

These are men with thousands and thousands of male clients. They do teleseminars with them. They have blogs. They have workshops with them.

They’re hearing directly from men. I thought, “I have to sit down with these guys, not just over a drink at the bar when it’s just me. I have to put a mic up to them and have them tell me this for the women that I’m trying to help.”


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