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[VIDEO] When Should I Take My Relationship Offline?

When to meet a person you have spoken to online – How long should you correspond with a person online before meeting face-to-face?


Jasbina Ahluwalia

As a dating coach and matchmaker who helps clients with their online dating efforts, this question comes up  a lot.


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I find that people many times spend too much time communicating online before actually meeting face to face.  In my opinion, a big mistake.  

I  generally recommend limiting the number of online communications before meeting for the following three reasons:

  1. First,  I’m going to presume you’re online dating in search of a relationship as opposed to a pen pal.  The most effective way to gauge romantic potential is via in-person interactions over time.  If a  guy is not willing to meet in person, is it possible that he may be hiding something?
  2. Second, online dating can be time-consuming and labor intensive enough as it is.  Who has the time and energy to email back and forth incessantly with someone before even seeing if there’s any potential in-person?
  3. Third,  people can develop emotional intimacy before actually meeting people they come across online. People can even begin to consider themselves in a relationship of sorts, and become so emotionally invested that they forego interactions and communications with other potential partners.

Bottom line, when two people are in the same city, I generally recommend a couple playful emails, leading to a phone conversation if desired, leading to a face to face meeting in a public place (please use all safety precautions).


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Invest your precious time, energy and emotional attachment on guys with relationship potential, not pen pals. 


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