Men Want What You Want!

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Carol Allen: It is the number one reason why the guys didn’t call back after a first date.

She uses the term “boss lady.” You’re using the same language.

There is no database on each other. Every word and nuance can be taken out of context.

Tell me one thing that surprised you. Before you interviewed them, you knew where they were coming from. Was there anything that surprised you most about what any of the guys said?



Carol Allen

Because I’ve known them for years and I have male clients, I wasn’t very shocked. I think the information that moved me the most was the information from the sex expert.

His name is Alex Allman. He had done a survey of 5,000 men about what turns them on sexually. He had about 50 things that men could choose from.


Men Want What You Want: Turn-Ons

They ran the gamut from cuddling to fetishes.

They ran the gamut from kinky stuff to missionary position.

He had them rank their top five turn-ons. Then he had them give them a one to ten value.

Overwhelmingly, out of 5,000 men, four out of these fifty things were ranked the highest and came up the most as turn-ons for men sexually.


Men Want What You Want: Security

They were things like:

  • “I feel safe emotionally to be myself in bed.”
  • “I feel accepted for myself.”


Men Want What You Want: Women Want…

The men said

  • The woman being passionate and enjoying her own pleasure was a turn-on.
  • Feeling emotionally close and intimate with the woman was a turn-on.
  • The woman receiving pleasure was more important to them than the woman giving them pleasure.


Overwhelmingly, the men all said that

  • They want you to have a great time in bed.
  • They want you to receive what they are doing.
  • They want to feel accepted by you and safe to be themselves completely.
  • They want to feel close to you sexually.


Men Want What You Want, Really!

That outranked blow jobs, big boobs, dirty talk and threesomes.

They said that, essentially, their turn-ons were our turn-ons.


Jasbina Ahluwalia

You could just flip that. That’s amazing.


Carol Allen

Overwhelmingly, the men said, “We want what you want. We just go about it differently. We’re just like you, we just don’t act just like you.”


Jasbina Ahluwalia

It’s the same destination. We’re just getting there a different way.


Carol Allen

It was really sweet. This program will restore faith in men.


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