Men Want Relationships

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Carol Allen: It’s directly from them. What are one or two of the things that most or all of the male relationship experts that you interviewed agreed on?



Carol Allen

There is a really sweet thing they agreed on that is such a relief to women.


Men Want Relationships Not “Freedom”

I don’t know what your experience has been, Jasbina, but when you watch movies and TV, we all hear that men want their freedom.

Men resist marriage for as long as they possibly can. Men have to be really blown away to want to give up the freedom to date lots of people.

You mentioned that a lot of your listeners are in Asia. It’s not necessarily so much like that in Asia but it is in the West.


Jasbina Ahluwalia

They’re in the US. They have South Asian background. A lot of the listeners are non-Indian as well. They are mostly US-based.


Carol Allen

Men Want Relationships: U.S. Norm

Then they may have noticed. Here in the US,

  • We date a lot before we marry.
  • We have relationships before we marry.
  • We usually have sex before we marry.
  • We can live with each other without getting married.
  • Lots of people have babies without getting married. Forty-one percent of babies are now being born out of wedlock in the US.

Why get married?


Men Want Relationships: The Process

What these eight male relationship experts all agreed on is that men want relationships.

That guy who is dating four women wants to find the one.

The guy who is a total bachelor also wants to find the one.

They are just going to have fun in the meantime.


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