Choosing Online Profile Pictures

Choosing Online Profile Pictures Jaki Sabourin asks Jasbina Ahluwalia: Thank you. Let’s talk about the photos. This is always a big deal. Men are visual. What do you recommend with photos? _____   Jasbina Ahluwalia Online Profile Pictures Are Key Men are hyper-visual online. Women are visual as well online. Guys should also put their best foot forward in their pictures. Pictures are key.   Choosing Online Profile Pictures: Immediate Attraction The men

Online Dating Profile Mistake!

Online Dating Profile Mistake! Jaki Sabourin asks Jasbina Ahluwalia: I have a question that I’m curious about. I hear this a lot. For women who are looking for a committed relationship that leads to marriage, do you put that in your profile? Is that a pitfall for women? They want to indicate that but maybe they’re not supposed to. _____   Jasbina Ahluwalia Online Dating Profile Mistake: No Rules I’m not a big

Impactful Online Dating Profile: 2 Tips

Impactful Online Dating Profile: 2 Tips Jaki Sabourin asks Jasbina Ahluwalia: Let’s talk about the steps. What are the priorities? Let’s talk about the profile and the steps that you recommend to start online dating. _____   Jasbina Ahluwalia  Impactful Online Dating Profile: ‘A’ Game If you’re going to take the action steps to online date, optimize the way that you’re doing it. That’s what makes sense. Play your A game. Your personal