Choosing Online Profile Pictures

Jaki Sabourin asks Jasbina Ahluwalia: Thank you. Let’s talk about the photos. This is always a big deal. Men are visual.

What do you recommend with photos?



Jasbina Ahluwalia

Online Profile Pictures Are Key

Men are hyper-visual online. Women are visual as well online.

Guys should also put their best foot forward in their pictures.

Pictures are key.


Choosing Online Profile Pictures: Immediate Attraction

The men who are commitment-minded will go under the hood. They want a pretty picture, but they want something beyond that.

They probably won’t read the profile unless they’re attracted to the picture.


Choosing Online Profile Pictures: Be Aware

I think it’s important. Awareness leads to empowerment. Be aware that the pictures are important.

There are people who like body type. Use a picture that reveals your body and not just a head shot.

I think that’s important.

Women, we want to attract the men who will be attracted to us. That’s what we’re going for.

If women are not 100% excited about their body, which is most women, then they just use head shots. I think that’s very disempowering.


Choosing Online Profile Pictures: Full-Body

Embrace whatever body type you have. Put it out there. You want to draw in the guys who find that attractive.

You want to have a head shot photo and a full length or three quarter length photo.

If you don’t, guys will wonder why. They start to think the worst.

They think, “What is she trying to hide?” Wear something that you’re comfortable in and feel attractive in. Wear the clothes that you will be wearing on your dates.


Choosing Online Profile Pictures: Resources

We have a list of guidelines that we send out to clients for their pictures.

We have created an ebook that we will be gifting the listeners with that lists some do’s and don’ts. I think that will be really helpful.


Choosing Online Profile Pictures: Authenticity

Keep the pictures authentic. Bait and switch is something that we hear from men and women alike in terms of the frustrations.

They say, “This person present themselves this way online. Then I meet this person and it’s a whole different story.” That’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Being authentic with the pictures is important. Be the best version of yourself.


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