Relationship With Yourself: It’s Important

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Susan Winter – Author of the book ‘Allowing Magnificence: Living the Expanded Version of Your Life’: Allowing Magnificence takes an angle on relationships that I believe is the starting point. It starts with one’s relationship with oneself. Tell our listeners from your point of view why it’s so important to start there, the foundation being your relationship with yourself.


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Susan Winter

That sets the precedent for any relationship you’re going to have, no matter how my clients initially approach me.

They say:

  • Here’s the story.
  • He’s doing this.
  • She’s not doing that.
  • I’m getting mixed signals from her.
  • What do I do about this situation with him?
  • Here’s what’s going on with my life.

It’s all about the other person, what they’re doing or not doing.

When you start listening to them, on my end, you realize where they’ve been unclear and where they’re not stepping into their power.


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Relationship With Yourself

It’s really their fundamental ability to change the entire context of their relationship by getting aligned with their authentic self and coming from that position, whether it’s speaking your truth, gaining their clarity, or using discernment.

You realize that the individual within the relationship is looking outward at the expression of what’s really happening inside themselves. Even though they want to talk about John or the hot girl at work that’s flirting with them, in the end, we’re going to be talking about them.

That’s where everything starts. The outside is just a mirror of what’s going on inside us.


Tell Us:

Do you think it is important to be in a relationship with yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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