Is Your Girlfriend Cheating? 7 Signs

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and being confident that your girlfriend is being faithful is crucial to the success of your growing relationship.

Read below to learn 7 signs that your girlfriend is either currently cheating on you or giving it consideration:

1) She seems more interested in her phone than in you:

It is true that almost everyone is addicted to social media and engrossed in a digital world to some extent.

However, if you go out to dinner with your girlfriend, spend the evening watching a movie or participate in anything that should consist of the two of you spending time together and she completely ignores you in favor of her phone, you might have a problem.


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2) Her social calendar is too full for you:

You used to have a pre-set date on which you would get together with your girlfriend.

For example, every Saturday evening was your night to go out or spend time with each other, and no plans really had to be made it was just a forgone conclusion, but if suddenly “your day” gets replaced with time with her friends or last-minute changes of plans that don’t include you, she could be cheating.

3) She is suddenly becoming more interested in her appearance:

Caring about her health and desiring an attractive appearance is normal.

However, if all the sudden your girlfriend becomes obsessed with her appearance, wants to make drastic changes such as undergoing a breast augmentation surgery, begins buying an excessive amount of new clothes, obsessively tries to lose weight or suddenly changes her hair color, this could be a sign of infidelity.


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4) She has become overly interested in your schedule:

If your girlfriend’s texts to you primarily include questions about your schedule, because she wants to know when you will be at a certain location and for how long, this could be a sign she is trying to keep tabs on you so she doesn’t get caught cheating.

5) She refuses to make solid long-term plans:

If your girlfriend is cheating or thinking of cheating, she will likely be hesitant to make any long-term plans.

For example, if she isn’t interested in where you should go on vacation this year, or she doesn’t want to talk about plans for holidays, or she just doesn’t seem interested in discussing anything to do with the relationship’s future, this could be a sign that she is cheating.

6) She flirts with other men in front of you:

If she has no problem batting her eyes and throwing herself on other men in front of you, you have to ask yourself what she does when you aren’t around. If she doesn’t respect you and your relationship enough to refrain from flirting, that doesn’t speak well of your relationship.

7) She starts hinting that she is unhappy in her relationship:

If all the signs listed above don’t get your attention, this last one should. If your girlfriend begins speaking to you about how she is unhappy with various aspects of your relationship, she is probably getting ready to tell you that she has found someone else with whom she is happier.

The signs listed above can all be clues that your girlfriend is cheating. Of course, all of them can be attributed to other factors as well. However, if more than a few of these signs exist, and your girlfriend’s behavior is changing, you need to seriously consider that your girlfriend could be cheating.


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