Drop Your Guard: Meeting The One

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Brian Howie, author of How to Find Love in 60 Seconds: Based on your book, what are some of the mistakes people are making in really killing that spark in those five or six opportunities they’re getting on a daily basis?



Brian Howie

Drop Your Guard: Metaphorical or Physical

They’re really putting up a wall around themselves, whether it’s a metaphorical wall of baggage or a physical wall.

They basically think, “During the course of my day, I will not meet anyone.”

As I say in the book, during the course of any given day in any normal city, you are within 10 yards of 1,000 people of the opposite sex.

Drop Your Guard and Seek Opportunity

If learn to recognize that that’s a fact, notice them and figure out that there are only about five or six people that you could potentially fall in love with, you’ll certainly wake up the next day looking for those five or six people versus just assuming no one is out there.

That’s the assumption a lot of people make.


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