Dating Guide For Women – Writing One

Jasbina asks Neely Steinberg – Author of the book ‘Skin in the Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love’: What led you to write your book?


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Neely Steinberg

Having been single myself for pretty much all of my twenties and early thirties with a few relationships sprinkled in between that time span, I had purchased a million dating books. You should see my bookshelves. They’re full of them.

I’m married now. When I became a dating coach, I felt that women out there needed and wanted a practical framework that was less about rules and tactics to hook a man and more about being guided to come to decisions in their dating lives that felt right to them.

It’s about guiding women to come to their own answers, answers that work for them in their own life. Let’s face it.

  • We’re all unique.
  • We’re all individuals.
  • We all have different backgrounds and experiences.

What works for one person might not work for or resonate with another.

There is a sea of dating coaches out there. You know this. As I was forming this dating company and thinking about a book, I kept asking myself:

  • What might be a different, fresh approach?
  • How can I set myself apart from the others?

Let me give you some context here.


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Simultaneously to writing and speaking professionally about dating, love and relationships, and in addition to starting my coaching business a year and a half ago, I was working as an academic advisor for business students at the best school for entrepreneurship education in the world. While I was there, I was going to countless entrepreneurship panels, forums and lectures.

Parallel’s In Entrepreneurship And Dating

I was working with students, alumni entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship faculty. I was reading as many texts and articles on entrepreneurship as I could get my hands on.

As I delved into this world, I realized that there were a ton of really cool parallels between the world of entrepreneurship and the world of dating. As I studied entrepreneurs, what I loved about them is how passionate, motivated, inspired and dedicated they were to their ventures, as I’m sure you are to your venture.

The reason they are all of these things is because they get to build and shape something of value in their lives. With that comes a sense of ownership, purpose and pride. They get to see the progress of all the steps along the way as they build this journey.

I wanted to transfer all of that excitement, dedication, energy, sense of ownership, pride and purpose to single women navigating the dating world.

Let’s face it. Nothing is worse in your dating life than feeling that sense of dread. You might think, “Ugh, dating. Ugh, relationships. How am I going to do this?” Nothing is worse than that. Nothing is worse than feeling like you have zero control over your fate in love. We sit, wait and hope for things to change.

This entrepreneurial angle of building and shaping something of value was a really cool way for me to inspire women to build and shape their love…like an entrepreneur builds and shapes a venture. That’s what a lot of my book is about. I encourage women to literally become the CEO, Founder and entrepreneur of your life.

The first step for women in their dating journey is to take ownership of what I like to call their “dating and love venture.”

  • There’s no more victim mode.
  • No more blaming men.
  • No more blaming society or their parents.

It’s taking ownership of that venture. At the end of the day, my theory is that your dating and love life is a lot like an entrepreneurial startup.

Deep within all of us is an entrepreneur waiting to be unleashed into the world. We can be entrepreneurial in any aspect of our lives. Some people are entrepreneurial in the traditional sense and start a business. Some people can be entrepreneurial in the way they approach their career.

There was a bestselling book called The Start-up of You written by Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn and his business partner. It talks about becoming a living, breathing startup of you and applying entrepreneurial strategies to your career life goals. For me, that’s where I come in. I was halfway through writing my book when theirs came out. I thought, “Yes, I’m on to something here.”

We can be entrepreneurial in our dating and love lives and create what we want to create when it comes to love. That was the background that led me to write this book, take a different approach in my layout and framework that women follow that is rooted in entrepreneurial principles in the book.


What Do You Think?

Do women want a dating guide or are they looking for rules and tactics? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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