Proactive Online Dating Tips

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks David Wygant – Author of the book Naked: I love that. It’s a mindset. You see this opportunity. Get off the sidelines and see these as opportunities.

Make your opportunities by applying this commitment.

One of the many avenues of meeting people is online dating.

You do mention online dating in your book. You mention many suggestions.

Will you share one or two of them with our listeners in terms of how to most effectively navigate the online dating world?


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David Wygant

Online dating, to me, is just like a cyber-bar in the sky.

Proactive Online Dating: Seek Opportunities

Every single day, you have an opportunity to come home and check out who is drinking in the cyber-bar. Take it that way.

Proactive Online Dating: Converse With Members Online Now!

Instead of just running a search, run a search for who is online right now. Connect with the people who are online.

Send them an email. They’re more apt to read your email. They’re more apt to read the fresh emails coming in.


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Proactive Online Dating: Try, Try Again

If they don’t respond to you, it’s okay. You can hit them up three weeks later with a totally different email.

  • Maybe they were seeing someone.
  • Maybe they were checking emails from a man or woman that they were into.

It’s just like passing by on the street.

If you realize that there is an abundance of new people, old people and everyday people on there, you can actually enjoy it a lot more.


Tell Us:

Do you have any proactive online dating tips that have worked for you? Drop us a line in the comments section below.


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