almost 40 still singleIn this video, Jasbina addresses the question:

[VIDEO] I’m almost 40 and still single.

What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I find a good man to settle down with?     

Jasbina Ahluwalia

Let me reassure you–you are most definitely not the only one finding yourself in  this situation.


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Unfortunately, there is in fact a disparity in guys’ favor in the numbers of single men and women in your age group.

According to the 2010 census:

  1. There are approx 32 million single women in the United States age 35+.
  2. But there are only approx 22 million single men 35+.
  3. This disparity in men’s favor is further compounded by the tendency for some men to prefer marrying younger women.

While this disparity  is not within your control, it’s empowering to realize that both your mindset and level of flexibility are.

Coming from a place of empowerment, here are three pitfalls regarding mindset and flexibility  to avoid:

  1. Do you happen to have a mile-long checklist full of expectations with respect to your prospective partner ?
  2. Do you have a tendency to rule  guys out rather than in?
  3. Any chance you’re beginning to believe that there are just no good men left out there?

We experience life through our beliefs.  What we believe affects what we actually experience.  Our subconscious mind doesn’t like inconsistencies between our beliefs on the one hand, and our reality on the other, so it will actively seek out confirmatory evidence to  affirm the beliefs  we hold.


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So, for example, if one of your beliefs is that there are just no good men left out there, your subconscious will get to work finding all those not so good men to prove you right.  

In this way, your belief that there are no good men out there actually  limits your chances of finding good men.  This is why it is so empowering to get out of your own way, by investing concerted efforts into identifying and eliminating any  limiting beliefs.

Empowered women magnetize men, regardless of age, and it’s never too late to find love.


No TIME to Find Someone? We can HELP!



What do you think?

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