Men Are More Romantic

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. Helen Fisher: It’s great to have you. As an anthropologist and human behavior researcher, what do you believe are a few of the greatest gender differences in the way men and women approach finding life partners?



Dr. Helen Fisher

I think that what will surprise people is that men fall in love more often.

Men fall in love much faster.


Men Are More Romantic: Love Faster

When men meet someone that they do fall in love with,

  • They want to introduce that person to friends and family sooner.
  • They like more public displays of affection.
  • They want to move in sooner.

In many respects, men tend to be more romantic than women, and I think, for good evolutionary reasons.


Men Are More Romantic: Women Caretakers

Women are the custodians of the egg. We are the ones who are going to hold that baby for nine months inside ourselves.

Everywhere in the world, women spend more time raising children under the age of four.

Men seem to be somewhat more romantic than women are.


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