Available Ladies: Drop Hints

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Nancy Slotnick, author of Turn Your Cablight On: Get Your Dream Man in Six Months or Less: Given the title of your book, which is Turn Your Cablight On: Get Your Dream Man in Six Months or Less, tell our listeners what you mean by, “Turn your cablight on.”


Nancy Slotnick

Available Ladies Like Taxi Cabs

In New York City, the taxi cabs have their light turned on at the top if they’re available. When you get in the cab and the meter starts, the light goes off.

Men Need Signs From Available Ladies

I believe that dating kind of works that way. Women especially have to show that they’re available so that men can flag them down.

  • A lot of times, women are waiting for the men to make the first move.
  • The men are waiting for a signal that it’s okay to approach. Men don’t want to get rejected.

Even if they are making the first move, they want to make sure that you’re open to it.

Available Ladies Be Open

They want to know that you’re not married, you don’t have a boyfriend and that you’re giving them the look. You’re not giving them the cold shoulder.


Jasbina Ahluwalia

I love that analogy. Despite their vulnerability, if they reach out, you will welcome that.


Nancy Slotnick

Yes, I’m glad that you used the word “vulnerable.” I think it’s true.

It really does involve making yourself vulnerable but not desperate. There is a fine line, but there is a line.


Tell Us:

When you were available ladies, or if you still are, how to do let men know you are ready to mingle? Share your cues with us in the comments section below.


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