Yuck Factor: Is He Gross?

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Rachel Greenwald, author of, Have Him at Hello: Confessions from 1,000 Guys about What Makes Them Fall in Love or Never Call Back: That’s interesting. The number two reason that women declined second dates, you characterize as the “yuck factor.”



Rachel Greenwald

Yuck Factor: The Turn-Off

The yuck factor was such a funny category. I’m sure that every woman listening can relate to some of these things that men did, or looked like, that were such major turnoffs.

This is around men who were grooming challenged or bad kissers. This was the category where women thought, “I am repulsed.”

Yuck Factor: Unattractive State

  • One woman told me about a guy’s skanky toenails protruding from his open-toed sandals.
  • Another woman talked about some crazy, blond, Albert Einstein haircut that this guy had.
  • There were women who talked about guys who needed nose hair or ear hair clipping. They couldn’t even stomach the idea of kissing him.
  • A lot of them dressed really badly. They wore t-shirts with silly slogans on them that seemed inappropriate.

Yuck Factor: It’s All Grooming

There were all kinds of unappealing ways that the guy presented himself.

This was not women saying that a guy wasn’t handsome. They were saying that there was something about his grooming and clothing that was such a turnoff.

Yuck Factor: Bad Kisser

A lot of women talked about men who were such terrible kissers.

One woman talked about a guy who kissed like a blowfish. He attached himself to her face and started sucking.

Another one talked about French kissing, where it felt like he was swabbing the inside of her mouth, like he was trying to secure a DNA sample.


Jasbina Ahluwalia

There are some scary visuals from that.


Rachel Greenwald

Yes, it wasn’t pretty when the girls got into it.

Yuck Factor: Men Consult Your Women!

The advice to men is that they really need to get a couple of female friends to do an intervention.

Maybe it’s his sister, female co-worker or some woman in his life who will really tell him like it is and not be overly polite and worry about hurting his feelings.

Yuck Factor: He Needs to Know

Men really need to know. It can be something as simple as the fact that he wears too much cologne.

A lot of guys go overboard with the aftershave and the cologne.

From the beginning, it’s an olfactory problem.


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