Women Want Intellect in a Man

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Saira Mohan – author of How to Seduce and Marry the Woman of Your Dreams: I was leading into the top tips for single men out there.

One is to be prepared to seize an opportunity when you find someone that holds your interest.

Do you have any suggestions for men on how to go about doing that or what kind of experiences they should give the woman that they’re interested in pursuing?


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Saira Mohan

I think it’s totally relative to the person.

Women Want Intellect: Tips

  • It has to be something that the person is interested in and can speak about, like a great book or experience.
  • It should be something that they own and can hold as their own, depending on their personality and interests. They should be able to enlighten a girl about something she knows nothing about. It could really be anything.

Women Want Intellect, Be Knowledgeable

Knowing what you’re saying and understanding the subject matter and what you’re speaking of is highly attractive to a woman.

Looks, from a guy’s perspective, are really important.


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Women Want Intellect

What I find from a female perspective is that women like what’s under the surface, what really makes the man tick, his brain, his emotional understanding of how we work and how to balance life.

It’s tough. We all go through our ups, downs and struggles.

When you have a man that understands the whole concept of emotional well-being and the oscillations we can go through in that emotional understanding, it will help with the woman wanting to open up more emotionally to that man.

Then you’ve hit a nerve.

Now you think, “I get you. I want to know you better.” When you’re able to talk about something you know about very well, the sky is the limit.


Tell Us:

Women want intellect in a man, so ladies, what subjects make you tick and capture your attention? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.


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