Reading Energies: Dating

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Debi Berndt, author of Let Love InYes. That’s very empowering. In your book, you discuss what you term the “law of transfiguration” in the context of dating.

Will you please share this concept with our listeners?



Debi Berndt

Reading Energies: Reading Each Other

We’re always unconsciously reading each other all the time.

We do this with body language. That’s the simplest way to explain it.

We also sync up our brains and energies. They sync up to whoever we’re around.


Reading Energies: Example

Let’s say that you walk into a party and everyone is a little edgy. You’re going to pick up that something is off.

If you go into a place where everyone is happy, you’re going to feel happier.

You automatically resonate with whatever is going on around you.

When you’re dating someone, they can really be attracted to you. They think, “Wow, she’s beautiful. She’s smart. She’s really great.”

Inside, if that person isn’t feeling it, they’re going to send a signal to the other person that says, “She’s not that great.” Then the person will lose interest. They’re not going to know why.

They’re going to say, “I can’t explain it. I just don’t feel it with this person.”


Reading Energies: Hypnotized

That person has changed their mind. They’ve basically hypnotized them to not love them.

We’re doing this all the time. That’s why it comes back to you.

You can really be in charge of if someone is attracted to you or repulsed by you, just by how you think. That’s pretty interesting.


Reading Energies: More Than Physical Attraction

A lot of people don’t think about that. They think it’s all physical attraction. It really is a deeper state and how we pick up on each other.

If you’re really tuned into your partner, you can learn this. You’ll have a lasting relationship because you’ll know how to navigate with them.

You psychically communicate with them. You have a knowing.

It’s a really powerful way that we always communicate.

We just don’t pay attention to it. We think it’s by accident that a friend calls when we’re thinking of them.


Reading Energies: Constant

We’re always communicating.

You can change someone’s mind just by feeling better about yourself.

You can run into an old boyfriend and feel like you are the queen of the ball. He will think, “What have you done?” He won’t even know what happened.


Reading Energies: Visualizing

A lot of women and men find that, when they break up with someone or someone breaks up with them and the move on with their life, all of a sudden, the ex calls. It’s like they can feel that there is something missing.

We are constantly reading each other. Part of my process is that you visualize that ideal person coming into your life.

You can actually pick up on your partner through the visualization. They can feel you calling out to them. It helps you find each other faster.


Jasbina Ahluwalia

Reading Energies: Drawing Someone To You

You are drawing someone to you with your energy.


Debi Berndt

Yes, with your thoughts and believing that person is out there.

You imagine how it would be if you were together. Then a person who is around you that is convenient physically or through the internet, you will find each other.

You are going to intersect. Isn’t that what your show is about? It’s about intersection.


Jasbina Ahluwalia

Yes, that’s what our company is. It’s the whole concept of intersecting people’s lives. I love that.


Debi Berndt

Reading Energies: Not An Accident

Everyone thinks it’s by accident when you meet people. Even as a matchmaker, I’m sure you have a knowing of who goes with who.


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