Physical Health: 3 Tips

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Heather Hans, author of The Heart of Self-LoveLet’s switch gears to physical health.

What are your top three tips for someone who wants to achieve physical health with a healthy, fit body?



Heather Hans

The basics are eating a balanced whole foods organic diet.


Physical Health: Space Out Meals

You need to let there be some space between your meals. That gives your body time to rest, digest and rejuvenate. It also gives you some mental clarity. It can provide a lot of physical energy.

This is done a lot in European cultures, eating a large meal and taking a break in between.

In America, everyone is on the go and constantly grazing. There is never a nice, enjoyed meal and then a rest period in between.


Physical Health: One Hour of Exercise

The second one is exercise.

If you exercise for an hour a day, that’s not a ton of time. It may seem a lot if a person is not used to exercising.

When you think about all of the time that we’re awake and our bodies are meant to be active, it’s not a whole lot of time. It can go such a long way.

If a person isn’t in a place yet to do an hour, start with anything. Just start somewhere.

It not only helps your physical body, but for me personally, it is one of my biggest mental health remedies. That is running. It really helps you process any kind of emotion.


Physical Health: Meditate

The third one would be to meditate and manage your emotional stress on a regular basis.

This could be going to see a therapist. This could be a spiritual practice. You need some time to yourself without distractions to get clear and manage that emotional state will help to prevent disease in the body.


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