Personal Ads: Learn About Yourself

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. Jan Yager – Author of the book 125 Ways to Meet the Love of Your Life: Dr. Yager, as we often use personal ads as one of the many search avenues on behalf of our clients, I was interested to learn that you met your own husband through a personal ad you had placed.

I also noticed that one of your books has a whole chapter related to personal ads.

Based on your personal as well as professional experience, can you share with our listeners any tips you have for effectively replacing and responding to personal ads in one’s search for a life partner?


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Dr. Jan Yager

Personal Ads: An Opportunity to Learn

I think the first part of it is to see writing an ad as an opportunity to learn more about who you are and also the kind of person you’re looking for.

I’ve had not only my own ad that led to meeting my husband successful but the ads that I’ve helped people write over the years as well as working on profiles for the online dating services.

It’s important not to feel like it has to be just one ad and this is your only opportunity.

Multiple Ads to Get the Perfect Personal Ads

Sometimes it’s through the process of doing multiple ads, looking at the kinds of responses and what you see that you get back. You tweak it. You fine-tune it.

It’s also important to be honest about yourself and what you’re looking for.

What I mean by “honest” is to err on the side of modesty rather than hyperbole or exaggeration.

If you set up false expectations, even if you’re the most terrific person in the world, if you don’t just say you’re a swimmer but you say you’re an Olympic swimmer, the fact that you like to swim will be seen as a disappointment.


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Jasbina Ahluwalia

Okay, they’re raising the bar too high.


Dr. Jan Yager

Test Your Personal Ads

Right. Also, try out the ad on other people, such as friends and relatives, before you send it in.

The other important thing, whether it’s a profile or an ad, is that it has to be catchy.

That’s different than exaggerating. You want initially get the attention of your potential date in a very quick moment. Take time.

Personal Ads Take Time

This could be a life-altering experience. Don’t rush it.

That is different than taking so much time and being afraid that you’re going to say the wrong thing and never get around to actually doing it.

Famous quotes can be a good way to start. There are cute, little ideas. There is no one way that will work for everyone.

It should be something that will resonate with that person out there who is also looking for someone at the same time.


Tell Us:

Have you ever placed a personal ad? Is there a personal ad that you’ve seen in the past that had a great catch line? Share your personal ad experiences in the comments section below.


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