Online Dating: What Truly Matters

Jasbina Ahluwalia discusses with Christie Hartman, author of Changing Your Game: A Man’s Guide to Success with WomenFind The Love of Your Life Online:

Your book discusses criteria to be less choosy on one hand and then criteria to be choosier about on the other. Tell us about that.



Dr. Christie Hartman

It’s going back to that picky and discriminating thing again. One thing that men should be less choosy about is age. It’s extremely common for men online to aim for women who are younger than themselves. In many cases, a lot of couples are usually close to the same age or the man is a couple of years older. That’s fine.


  • A lot of times, when you aim for only younger women, you’re ruling out a huge amount of women who are going to be interested in you. They are women your age or women even a few years older than you.
  • Just by including those women in your age bracket, you can vastly increase the number of options that you have. I tend to encourage men to do that.
  • The things that you should be pickier about are things that are going to matter in the future. They are things like whether or not you want kids. A lot of people pay no attention to this online. They think, “She’s attractive. She’s in the right age bracket. I’ll date her.”


A lot of people don’t look to see if that person wants to have children. You can choose all of these different options. You can choose that you definitely want kids, you’re not sure or that you definitely don’t. I think that’s something that people should pay close attention to. That’s the type of thing that’s a massive deal breaker down the road. Why put yourself through that?


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What truly matters to you when choosing a date someone online might be different from that person. Have you experienced disappointment? How can you use this information in the future?   Leave a comment in the comments section below.


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