Online Dating Profiles: Set Your Intentions

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Susan Winter – Author of the book ‘Allowing Magnificence: Living the Expanded Version of Your Life’: Social media and technology in general is another thing in terms of ramifications when it comes to dating in the modern world.

Face to face communication can sometimes become eclipsed between social media and all of the new technologies that are available.

How can singles use these technologies strategically as an asset as opposed to allowing them to become liabilities in the dating world? Do you have any thoughts on that?


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Susan Winter 

Online Dating Profiles = A Résumé?

I heard a really good commentary. I went to the Massachusetts Women’s Conference. They had 10,000 women. I went last December.

Randi Zuckerberg made a comment saying that your online presence is your resume.

The first thing to remember is, anything you type, any electronic medium is there forever.

Be very much aware that whatever you’re bantering about on Facebook, whoever you’re bashing or whatever you’re saying, that is representing you in a way where not everyone gets the full context.

We don’t always understand where the humor is. We don’t always understand what someone is saying.

My sense of humor is more wit oriented. It’s more self-effacing. Sometimes I will say something and people get very bent out of shape. They don’t know that I’m joking.


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You have to be very aware that the medium has its limitations. At the same time, it has such an amazing reach.

Social Media Adds to Online Dating Profiles?

Social media is a great way, in the reverse, for you to check into what people really think.

You can watch their feed:

  • Do I like the way this person thinks?
  • Do I like the way they respond?
  • Are they hot headed?
  • Are they dogmatic?
  • Are they open minded?
  • Are they generous?

It also gives you a lot of information about them.

Online Dating Profiles Here To Stay

I think we also have to look at the online dating medium as something that is here to stay.

We’re doing so much online. Why not date online? It gives you greater possibilities to meet more people.

Again, online dating is a very different animal where people can present whatever image they want.

I’m sure your listeners have done the reverse search on telephone numbers, email addresses and photos to find that, sometimes, the people they think they’re talking to are not the people they’re talking to.

Online Dating Profiles: Protocol

Understand that it’s important to meet right away and meet in a public place.

I always advise my girls not to get into long chats.

Don’t let guys wrangle you into, “Do you have any more photos of you in a bathing suit?”

They’re not even going to want to meet you. If they’re going there, they’re not looking for anything serious. They’re testing the waters to see if they can get a booty call.

I have everyone cut those conversations off and make their online profile very clear.

“I’m looking for this. I’m looking for that. Don’t send me a photo that is X-rated. I’m looking for a partner.” Then, all of your conversations are in alignment with that.

The minute someone tries to go in another direction, you cut them off.

My girls have all found great guys because of that training of staying on course.


Tell Us:

Have you ever stressed about creating your online dating profiles? Has a social media post ever come back to your online dating profiles? Share you experiences in the comments below.


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