Men Hunt on Dating Scene

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Saira Mohan – author of How to Seduce and Marry the Woman of Your Dreams: As a globetrotting supermodel, what can you tell us about your experiences with dating and relationships? I’m sure you have some funny stories.


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Saira Mohan

I’m sure we all have crazy, funny stories. There’s no question.

One thing that I found to be very prevalent was the fact that it was difficult to meet people.

Men Hunt on Dating Scene: The Attack

It’s really hard to be at the right place at the right time and then, once you’re there, to be open to it.

I was caught off guard in lines at airports by single men who dropped a line or two like, “Hey, are you flying alone? Do you want to fly with me?”

Men Hunt on Dating Scene with Pickup Lines

They were cheesy pickup lines. You can’t blame the guy for trying but, at the end of the day, coming on strong with a complete stranger is not the way to attempt a 10-hour flight with someone you’re interested in. It repels women from you.

I don’t think she’s going to say “Yes” immediately to a complete stranger. It was a good shot on his part.


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Courageous Men Hunt on Dating Scene

Kudos for having the willpower and confidence to come forward and ask such a crazy question to someone.

I think what’s really important for both single men and women to understand that, from the single woman’s point of view, it’s really about being hunted.

You go back to the primal ways about how we work as animals and our animalistic nature. It’s very rare that you see women hunting food.

We’re the life-givers. We’re the caregivers. We’re the nurturers and the gatherers.

Then we have our opposite, which are the hunters, the guys that go after what we need.

Essentially, that’s sort of how I’ve always seen it work out with life in general.

The man is the one who is on the prowl looking for his next prey or mate.

Men Hunt on Dating Scene with Strategy

With the evolved mind, it tends to last a little longer than just a quick kill and satisfaction of the kill.

It really is up to the man to have his strategy game and think ahead about how he’s going to approach that lady in the right time and right place when it arises.

We never know when that will be. It really is important to be prepared for when the moment happens upon us.


Tell Us:

Men hunt on dating scene, there is no doubt about it. Did you soulmate approach you with a pickup line? Share your stories with us in the comments section below.


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