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Jasbina Ahluwalia

Everyone, we will now take your questions for Aakash. Here is our first question.

Caller One asks Aakash Patel, Founder and President of Elevate, Inc.: Jasbina, thank you very much. Aakash, that was a great interview. Thank you so much for your insights.

Get Involved with Congress: Washington Leadership Program

You mentioned the Washington Leadership Program as being a major difference-maker in your time.

I understand that is primarily for those who are in their college years. Many of our listeners are slightly older than that.

Could you please shed some light on opportunities like the Washington Leadership Program that would apply for those who are out of school, maybe in their first or second decade of their career?



Aakash Patel

I think every city or county has a local board of private and business sector folks, even in your field of study.

In Tampa, one of my county commissioners on the local board of advisors has about seven appointment for seven different boards.

They have different ways that you can volunteer, not just in a fundraising capacity. That’s what people assume when you get involved in the public service sector.

They are actual volunteers of the board. They have a variety of board of advisors.

Get Involved with Congress: Make a Call

I would say to call your local commissioner. First, sit down with them. Get to know them.

They are a public servant. They want to meet you. You are their constituent. Ask them how you can get involved in the process. You can ask them what else they need to help them understand your field of study or community.

Get Involved with Congress: Send an Invitation

Everyone is involved in a different religious sector, but we have a temple where I live in Tampa.

Every holiday for us, I invite our commissioners.

At the end of the day, that temple is based in their district. I invite them to come to the celebration, whether they understand the language or the ceremony. It’s some way to reach out and say “hello.”

What I often hear being involved in the process is, not enough young Indian professionals, whether they are first or second decade, take the time to reach out.

You will be surprised at how many folks in the public sector are happy to go to the mosque or a Ramadan celebration.

Whatever it is for your religious affiliation, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.


Caller One

Thank you very much. I appreciate that.


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