Cinderella Complex: Ditch The Idea

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. Christine B. Whelan, author of Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women: Absolutely. That’s another great screening mechanism. The third tip that you share is very interesting. That is to ditch your Cinderella complex.

Tell us about that one.


Dr. Christine Whelan

Cinderella Complex: What Is It?

The Cinderella complex is a term that was coined well before I came onto the scene in the 1980s.

It was about accomplished women who were earning good money but who were still looking for Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet and rescue them from their lives.

Cinderella Complex: Ditch The Complex

When I say to ditch your Cinderella complex, I am referring to how so many of the young women I interviewed said, “Yes, I make good money. Yes, I’m very well educated but I’m looking for a guy who makes more money than I do, who is more educated than I am, who is more of everything.” That’s problematic.

It’s About Compatibility Not A Cinderella Complex

When you up to the very elite echelons that we’re talking about, you should be looking for someone who is a compatible and complementary match.

That doesn’t necessarily mean someone who works harder, makes more money or is more than you in every way.

What about someone who complements you, who will be a good life partner for you?

Cinderella Complex: What’s Really Important?

One of the ways that you can think about that is what’s important to you.

  • Is having an enormous engagement ring really important to you? If so, why?
  • What are the material qualities that you say are important?

If you yourself are in a position to bring in money and be successful in your career, perhaps someone who would be a complementary match and who might help a little bit more around the house.

  • What about someone who is a great cook?
  • What about someone who would share child rearing responsibilities?

Think about those kinds of things rather than this idea of someone who is more and better in exactly the same ways you are.


Tell Us:

If you’ve ditched the Cinderella complex yourself, share with us how you overcame this mindset in the comments section below.


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Cinderella Complex: Ditch The Idea