[VIDEO] How Do I Tell If A Guy Is Worth My Time?

In this videoJasbina addresses the question: How Do I Tell If A Guy Is Worth My Time?


I’m sorry to hear of your frustration.  As a matchmaker and dating coach to people with limited free time, I can appreciate your concern.  I encourage you to continue being the kind of woman who recognizes the worth of her precious time.

That said, I’m concerned that your frustration may be detracting from your investment of time in the dating process. Let’s optimize the time you’re investing in dating.


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Dating tends to be most fruitful when viewed as an adventure.  Approach each date as an opportunity to discover something life enhancing.

Here are three things to keep in mind:

1) You may discover things about your date which lead you to believe there may be romantic potential.

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2) Even if you don’t see romantic potential, don’t shut-down and write the date off as a complete waste of time. Instead, challenge yourself to discover something life enhancing during the date:

  • Perhaps a great new avenue to meet quality singles
  • Perhaps  something about your date’s interests, passions, or mindset which may come in handy on your future dates with other guys
  • Perhaps  career tips or tips about a great mechanic, cleaner, or even restaurant which may enhance the non-dating aspects of your life.

3) If nothing else, you may discover more about what’s important to you in a relationship.

In short, your approach is the key to optimizing your dating experience and figuring out if a guy is worth your time.


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Your power lies within.


No TIME to Find Someone? We can HELP!



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