Searching For Partner: 3 Tips

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. Pat Love, author of The Truth About Love: I want to end with your top three tips for singles searching for a life partner



Dr. Pat Love

3 Tips: Searching For Partner

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Get To Know The Other Person
  3. Know What Makes a Relationship Work


Searching For Partner: Know Yourself

First, do what it takes to know yourself.

There are three big reasons why people don’t make a good match.

One is that they don’t know themselves.

Do whatever it takes. It might be reading, workshops, talking to people and getting feedback.


Searching For Partner: Get To Know The Other Person

Second, you better take time to know that other person.

Statistically, it does take time. You and I all know people who experienced love at first sight. They married and lived happily ever after.

For most people, it doesn’t work that way. Take time to really know that other individual. We’re talking months, not just days.


Searching For Partner: What Makes a Relationships Work

Third, you have to know what makes relationships work. It is more complex today.

There are skills. There is such good information out there. My best thinking often gets me in trouble.


Searching For Partner: Consult Friends

I need a board of directors and some people that I can trust.

Research says that your friends and family can see more objectively than you can when it comes to relationships. Thank you so much.


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