2015 Events

Great Love Debate (Seattle): Feb. 25
Brian Howie, Debrena Jackson-Gandy, Mark Owen, Kimberly Seltzer, Sameera Sullivan & Jasbina Ahluwalia

Great Love Debate (Denver): Jan. 21
Brian Howie, Aaron Anderson, Mark Berzins, Dr. Lisa Hobby, Julie Labbe, Rachel Greenwald  & Jasbina Ahluwalia

AAPI YPS MSRF Winter Medical Conference (Las Vegas): Jan. 16
Jasbina Ahluwalia anchors discussion – “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus – understanding relationships better”

2014 Events

Great Love Debate (Dallas): Dec. 10
Brian Howie, Deni Abbie, Melanie Ross Mills, Mark Owen & Jasbina Ahluwalia

Great Love Debate returns – (Chicago): Dec. 8
Brian Howie, Barbie Adler, Brian Fisher, Gina Marotta, Mark Owen, Kimberly Seltzer & Jasbina Ahluwalia

Great Love Debate (San Francisco): Nov. 19
Brian Howie, Kate Edwards, Annie Gleason, Kelly Numair, Kimberly Seltzer, Matty Staudt, Sameera Sullivan & Jasbina Ahluwalia

Great Love Debate (Boston): Nov. 3
Brian Howie, Thomas Edwards, Louie Felix, Traci Porterfield, Justin Stenstrom, Robyn Swider, Peggy Wolman & Jasbina Ahluwalia

Great Love Debate (D.C.): Oct. 1
Brian Howie, Rita Colbert, Erika Ettin, Michelle Jacoby, Meghann Novinskie, Amy Schoen & Jasbina Ahluwalia

Great Love Debate (Austin): Sept. 29
Brian Howie, Elizabeth Golembiewski, Heather Havenwood, Julia McCurley, Kimberly Seltzer, David Wygant & Jasbina Ahluwalia

NetIP Atlanta Conference
Work-Life Balance & Relationship – Sat. Aug. 30 (2:15 – 3:15 pm)

Great Love Debate (San Diego): Aug. 14
Amber Kelleher, Brian Howie, Mike Hrostoski, CS Keys, Deanna Lorraine, Traci Porterfield, Ed Reder, Dr. Wendy Walsh & Jasbina Ahluwalia

Great Love Debate (Toronto): Aug. 1
Brian Howie, Cheryl Besner, Jeremy Bluvol, Emeka Bronson, Erica Djossa, Carmelia Ray, Gary Wilson & Jasbina Ahluwalia

Great Love Debate (Chicago): July 30
Jessica Zweig, Spencer Burnett, Rachel Dealto, Bela Gandhi, Brian Howie, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, Jason Silver & Jasbina Ahluwalia

Great Love Debate (San Jose): June 27
Brian Howie, Amy Andersen, Sunya Andrews, Deanna Lorraine, Kimberly Seltzer & Jasbina Ahluwalia

2013 Events

dare to be you
NetIP SF Conference:
Dare To Break Mold Panel (Sat. Aug. 31, 10:30 am)

matchmakers alliance

matchmaking institute

idate dating industry conference
Speaker, iDate Panel:
“Creating and Maintaining a Sterling Reputation through Stellar Client Service”
Las Vegas

2012 Events

columbia busines school
Columbia Women in Business Panel:
Transitioning: How to Approach the Next Step of Your Career

idate dating industry conference
Leading iDate Panel:
Niche Matchmaking Business Strategies: South Asia

2011 Events

single in stilettos
Single in Stilletos Conference:
Spiritual Well Being, Health & Image panel

DAYA Houston Seminar:
She Nags, He Snores

netsap dc
NetIP DC Conference:
Moderating: Pursuing Your Passion by Changing Your Career Panel

aapi convention
AAPI Convention:
Anchoring Solo discussion: Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, New York City

2010 Events

matchmaking institute
Matchmakers Conference:
Session Co-Lead: PR, Niche Market Building

NetIP San Francisco – Bay Area in Partnership with NetIP Phoenix & San Diego:
Professional Speaker Series: Build your Brand, Pursue your Dream – Conversation with Jasbina

dulhan expo
Dulhan Expo:
Dating and Relationship Q&A for singles and couples

young indian professionals
Young Indian Professionals:
Dating and Relationship Q&A

Dilshad Dayani Show
Guest, Dilshad Deyani Radio Show:
The Challenge of finding the Special Someone…Resolved!!!

iaac indo american arts council
Indo-American Arts Council Tele-Conference:
A Cultural Paradigm Shift: Relationships & Social Dynamics in Our Generation

NESP Nationwide Interactive Tele-Conference:
Relationships & Social Dynamics in Our Generation

columbia busines school
Panelist, Columbia Business School, Columbia Women in Business Conference:
Tell Me Something About Yourself: Establishing a Personal Brand

netsap boston
NetSAP Boston Interactive Tele-Conference:
Relationships & Social Dynamics in Our Generation

harvard business school
Harvard Business School – Dynamic Women in Business Conference:
Moderator: Women Celebrating Diversity panel
Panelist: Psychology – How men and women make decisions differently

2009 Events

matchmaking institute
Matchmakers Conference:
Leader, Niche Model / Ethnic Matchmaking, Day 2

wharton women in business
Wharton Women in Business Conference:
Women Entrepreneurs Panel

dc singles
DC Singles:
Interactive Mixer at Tabaq

indus women leaders
Indus Women Leaders:
Relationship & Dating Tele-conference, Nationwide

medill northwestern university
Northwestern University Panel:
Perspectives from Second Generation Americans on relationships, dating, career choices, generational struggles etc.

washington masala
Washington Masala:
Launch Party, DC

Indian Student Association Cornell
Cornell India Association:
Relationship & Dating Tele-conference, Nationwide

Interactive Relationship Teleconference

2008 Events

indus women leaders
IWL annual fundraiser:
Moderated Q&A discussion forum about relationships, SFO

icc - India Community Center
ICC Singles Club:
Co-moderated a discussion forum for singles, Silicon Valley.

netsap boston
2008 Annual NetIP Conference:
Relationship Panel, Boston.