Therapy Helps Relationships

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. Pat Love, author of The Truth About Love: That’s so helpful, walking through what strikes people when that happens. It’s really difficult to recover from that.

I’m wondering if you’ve seen cases where couples have been able to. Do you believe that trust and faith can be restored? What can be done at that point?

Maybe they were in the accidental category.



Dr. Pat Love

Lots of good books were written on this. One of my colleagues, Janis Abrams Spring, has written one of the better ones.

Therapy Helps Relationships: Getting Through It

Of the couples who seek help with what I would call garden variety infidelity, not addiction or compulsivity, most not only get through it, they get better.

They say, where a bone is broken, it fuses stronger. There is so much hope and help available.


Therapy Helps Relationships: Short Term Attention

You don’t have to go a lifetime in therapy, counseling or coaching. You really can get through this.

You can begin to understand that, yes, it was a breach in the relationship but it was an individual choice. It doesn’t have to mean that this relationship is over.

There are defined steps. There are reasonable steps. It doesn’t mean that you have to wait years to feel better or build solid trust again.


Therapy Helps Relationships: Act Now

This is an issue that trained individuals can manage very artfully. If you’re ever going to seek help, this is a good time to seek help.


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