Yvonne Sinniah of Love Inspired & Sapna Toronto Event – Love, Relationships, and Intimacy

Yvonne Sinniah of Love Inspired & Sapna Toronto Event - How to improve Love, Relationships and Intimacy in Your Life Jasbina Ahluwalia joins America's Top Relationship Experts for this event hosted by Yvonne Sinniah & Bobby Dhillon _____ Hot Topix - A dynamic event which focuses on love, relationships, and intimacy. You will have an opportunity to learn from a diverse and dynamic panel, which delivers an exciting array of 'hot topics' catered

Intimacy Brings Inner Change

Intimacy Brings Inner Change Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. Craig Martin, author of Elemental Love Styles: Part two of your book looks at how to create a happy, healthy relationship as well as provides intimacy skills to help readers work through problem areas with their partners. I found one of the insights shared in this section of your book particularly compelling. I viewed it as empowering. Intimacy Brings Inner Change: Dynamic Inner Growth (DIG)