America’s Top Dating Experts – Great Love Debate Team

Great Love Debate Team In Partnership with Jasbina Ahluwalia is a core member of Americas Top Dating Experts - Great Love Debate Team [CITIES where Jasbina is a panelist -> JASBINA'S GREAT LOVE DEBATE NATIONAL TOUR] _____ 200 of a city's most dynamic SINGLE WOMEN.  200 of its most ELIGIBLE BACHELORS. Seated on opposite sides; brought together for one special night to answer one simple question at the The Great Love Debate: WHY IS EVERYONE STILL

David Wygant Interview – Insights From A Dating Expert

David Wygant Interview - Insights From A Dating Expert “Insights from a Dating Expert” Jasbina Ahluwalia interviews David Wygant A few topics David Wygant address in this interview are:  (3:09)     Dating Excuses, No More!  (5:18)      Rejection in Dating Doesn’t Exist  (8:30)     Commit to Dating for Success  (10:59)   Proactive Online Dating Tips  (12:35)   Childhood Effects Love _____ David Wygant is an internationally-renowned dating and relationship coach, author and speaker. His funny -- yet always