Perks of Online Dating

Perks of Online Dating Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Cija Black, author of in Modern Love: The Grownup’s Guide to Relationships & Online Dating: Let’s switch gears and talk about online dating. You mentioned that you did it and people would come to you for tips. What is it that appeals to you about online dating? What do you like about it? Why did you choose to do it? Why do you recommend it? _____

Benefits of Online Dating

Benefits of Online Dating Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. John Cacioppo: You’ve come up with three different compelling hypotheses for the research findings. I’m hoping that you will share them with our listeners. _____ Dr. John Cacioppo I’ll go through more than three. Benefits of Online Dating: Educated, Wealthy Pool The most obvious one is selection bias. The people who were more educated and wealthier are more likely to meet online. That sets a