Surrender: Something Will Come

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Heather Hans, author of The Heart of Self-Love: What would you say to someone who feels that he or she has taken all the right steps to achieve their desires but still doesn’t feel like they’ve quite attained what they want?



Heather Hans

Surrender: Receptive State

If someone honestly feels like they have done the work and worked really hard to achieve their desires and they’re still not getting them, the first thing I think of is to surrender.

When we surrender, that’s a receptive state.


Surrender, Opposite to Western Culture

Western culture and American culture is very masculine. That masculine energy is always doing, working and achieving.

Whenever we’re exclusively in one state or the other, we’re going to be imbalanced.

When we’re always trying so hard to do the right thing, that’s all masculine energy. There is no room to let anything in. There is no receptivity.


Surrender, Reap the Awards

I suggest surrendering and letting yourself reap the rewards of all that hard work that you’ve done. It may not feel comfortable at first if you’re always used to working and putting out.

Surrender and you could be surprised at what comes in.


Surrender and Be Patient

Also, things take time to manifest in the physical world. It requires patience.

We can go back to the architect who wants to build the building. It doesn’t happen overnight.

He has the thought. He has the desire. Then certain steps need to be taken before the building comes to fruition.

It’s the same with whatever we’re trying to achieve. Things take time.

Just because you don’t see the end result does not mean that it’s not happening and that you won’t see the end result, because you will.


Surrender, Move Forward

Lastly, keep moving forward.

Realize that the nature of life is abundance. You are always provided for. Think about times where you felt like life was ending. You may have had some crisis, heartbreak or devastation in your life.

In that moment, you felt like it was the end of the world. Something new came along and life continued. You got over it. You got well again.

Hopefully, something even better came along. That goes back to confidence and having faith in your life and yourself. Use your past as an example of that to see that you really are making progress.


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