Is There A Soulmate For Everyone?

Jasbina asks Dr. Diana Kirschner – Author of book Find Your Soulmate Online in Six Simple Steps: Do you believe that there is a soulmate for everyone?


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Dr. Diana Kirschner

Yes. I believe that there is more than one in a lifetime.

People will often say, “I had this amazing relationship in my twenties,” or “I met this person and they were married to someone else. I lost my one chance. That person felt like my real soulmate. We connected. We felt like we were home. When we talked, there were sparks. There was chemistry.”

The thing is that there will be more than one for each person. We found this in working with so many thousands of people. There is more than one.

You don’t have to feel that sense of, “I missed my chance. It will never happen again.” It’s that loneliness that happens that can be a big loneliness when you feel like there is no one else out there.

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There is definitely more than one. Actually, people learn as they grow and they can find soulmates that are even better matched with them.


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The above is an excerpt from Jasbina’s interview with Dr. Diana Kirschner.

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