“Personalized Matchmaking”

READY TO FIND YOUR LIFE PARTNER – and just not accessing people you could really see yourself with?

The first step is scheduling a Reinvent Your Love Life Assessment:


Reinvent Your Love Life Assessment

This is where you get the chance to share in depth directly with Jasbina your background, values, life and relationship goals so that she can custom-tailor a Find Love Plan for you.

  1. The 1.5 hour Assessment is an interactive and introspective process during which your background, life and relationship goals, and values are explored in depth.
  2. The Reinvent Your Love Life Assessment is the first step to your becoming a Client.

Customized Search

 You’re not looking to settle for just anyone for the sake of getting married – you’re interested in finding a life partner with whom you can really connect.

  1. That requires a search customized for you: 
  2. Search plans are customized in accordance with what would most optimally serve your particular needs, values and lifestyle, as revealed during the Assessment.


So after getting to know me, you’ll actually be able to find matches for me?

    1. Customized Search Plans often involve one-on-one introductions to hand-selected,
      pre-screened matches.


Where does Intersections Match find matches for you as our Customized Search Plan Client?

    1. Basically anywhere and everywhere – the idea is to exponentially increase our selective clients’ universe.
    2. Each match is pre-screened, and a criminal background check is run, before introductions are made.
    3. Matches come from:
    1. Our exclusive Customized Search Plan client base
    2. Our stand-alone Reinvent Your Love Life Consultees
    3. Our proprietary and confidential Register For Free Database
    4. Our newsletter distribution list (20,000)
    5. Outreach we conduct at our own discretion under the Intersections Match banner (maintaining the privacy of the Client) leveraging various avenues e.g. Publications – AAPI JournalNetIPSouth Asian Bride Magazine; as well as mainstream Alumni Magazines (HarvardStanfordMITUPenn / WhartonColumbiaYalePrinceton etc.)
    6. Events our scouts attend throughout the country
    7. Our worldwide network and relationships with other matchmakers and relationship coaches
    8. Our everyday lives (including various professional, cultural, social and charitable organizations)


So what happens after I connect with my match?

We’re sure you’ve been on at least one great date after which it goes nowhere.  This can lead to counterproductive second-guessing, so we have a solution. 

  1. Our solution is our feedback process:
    1. After each introduction, not only do we seek feedback from you, as a Customized Search Plan Client, to further optimize search efforts; but
    2. We also provides you with any insights gleaned from candid feedback obtained directly from your matches that may be helpful in future dating – we’re able to get the unedited, frank feedback you’re highly unlikely to get on your own