Life Makeover: Be Happy

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Jackie Warner, author of This is Why You’re Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever): That’s great. Can you share with our listeners one of your favorite success stories among all of the clients you’ve worked with in the last several years?



Jackie Warner

That’s an easy one. It’s the reason I got into this industry. I owned businesses before this industry that weren’t related to fitness at all. I started late in the game.

Life Makeover: Unhappy at Work

I worked for Warner Brothers television for many years. I didn’t really have a passion for what I was doing anymore. I started taking clients on. I got certified at 30.

I started taking on a couple of clients. One of my first clients was a very high-powered, well-known executive in Los Angeles.

On the surface, it looked like she had everything. She had money. She had power. She always had a hot boyfriend on her arm.

Life Makeover: Bad Relationships

She was a complete mess. She was an alcoholic. Her relationships were abusive. She hated her job. She hated herself.

Through about three to four months of working together, she completely changed her life.

She got into AA. She quit her job and got a job that she enjoyed more. She really turned her life around.

Life Makeover: Health and Happiness

I said, “Oh my gosh. If I can be in an industry to not just get someone a six pack or a perfect body, but I if I can actually change their life, this is what I want to do for a living.”

That was one of my first clients. That made a huge impact on me. I knew I had a passion for it.

I pursued it heavily and never looked back. I still have a passion for it.

I work on the TV show. I write books. I’m writing my second book right now, which by the way, is titled MetaPhysiques, because I loved that chapter so much.


Jasbina Ahluwalia

Wow, the whole book will be on that. That’s great.


Jackie Warner

Life Makeover: Shift Your Energy

I’m expanding upon that. It’s an overall happiness and energy-changing book.

I’m researching all of the amazing religions and taking the best tenants of anything that I find. I still train clients.

I still love it. I still go to people’s homes. I bring my resistance bands. I bring my free weights. I still train them.

Life Makeover: Be Creative

I have to be creative. I have to be smart. I have to know 2,000 exercises. I still keep it fun and exciting.

I have an A-list client right now. She’s one of the biggest stars in the world. I go to her house in Malibu five days a week.

I don’t think she’s done one similar exercise in the last three months. I love to keep changing my game up and keep doing what I do. It’s so fun for me.

Every client impacts me. Every client has a story. I get a lot of fulfillment personally from working with them.


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