India Community Center – Chai Chat:  How To Find The Right Person

A forum to discuss relationship & open dialogue on how to find the right person and create a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

This event will be moderated by Jasbina Ahluwalia (a lawyer turned certified matchmaker ) & Monica Kumar (a lawyer turned community advocate ) – two professional women well aware of the ups and down on the journey to find that special someone !

We have limited capacity so please register by email clubs@indiacc.org ( reference “Singles Club”)




THE ICC (India Community Center) MISSION

To promote Indian culture and values by providing social, cultural, recreational and community programs, thereby uniting the Indian community, and raising awareness about Indian culture in the local community.  ICC welcomes all without regard to racial, ethnic, regional, religious, political or socio-economic background and its mission seeks:

  • To make a positive difference in the community by providing social, cultural, educational, professional and recreational programs
  • To foster community spirit by creating a place for family and friends to come together
  • To be an essential resource for the community by providing free or heavily subsidized
  • services in critical areas such as health, legal aid and senior support
  • To promote awareness and understanding of the Indian-American subculture in the mainstream as well as provide a bridge to India

ICC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization.


The ICC came into being in February 2003 with the efforts of the Godhwani brothers, Anil and Gautam, and Talat Hasan, first generation Indian Americans and successful entrepreneurs, who launched  the India Community Center as a non-profit organization to serve the large Indian American and Greater Bay Area community.

Anil (who served as the first President of ICC) and Talat (who served as the first Board Chair) worked full time for over 6 years to establish ICC and were joined by many other successful, passionate community members such as Naren Bakshi, Kanwal Rekhi, Sheena Vaidyanathan, Bala Joshi, Kailash Joshi and many others to help grow it.

ICC is financially supported through membership fees and community donations. It has also received some limited corporate, foundation and government funding. Today it is the largest and only Indian American community center of its kind in North America. The ICC’s 38,000 sq.ft. facility in Milpitas, CA (which it owns), and an 10,000 sq.ft. Table Tennis Center serve the entire Bay Area with a professional staff and hundreds volunteers providing a wide range of programs and services.


Current Board Presidents: Raju Reddy & AGK Karunakaran

Executive Director: Pragati Grover

Past Board Presidents: Kailash Joshi, Naren Bakshi, Bala Joshi

Past Trustee: Sheena Vaidyanathan


  • Anil Godhwani
  • Gautam Godhwani
  • Talat Hasan
  • Noosheen Hashemi
  • B.V. Jagadeesh
  • Kumar Malavalli
  • Vibhu Mittal
  • Kanwal Rekhi
  • Steve Westly



  • Tanuja Bahal
  • Farrokh Billimoria
  • Vijay Bist
  • Navneet Chugh
  • Girish Gaitonde
  • Venky Ganesan
  • Deepak Ganju
  • Vishal Gauri
  • Gopi Godhwani
  • Mihir Jobalia
  • A.G Karunakaran
  • Rajiv Khemani
  • Rajeev Madhavan
  • Radhika Malpani
  • Nicki Mehra
  • Xerxes Mullan
  • Karpagam Narayanan
  • Purna Pareek
  • Dr. Y.C. (Buno) Pati
  • Raju Reddy
  • Ram K. Reddy
  • Sanjeev Sardana
  • Shirish Sathaye
  • Dev Shukla
  • Immanuel Thangaraj
  • Ranu Vohra