How To: Talk To Your Boss

Jasbina Ahluwalia

I love that. What do you want to be known for? Everyone, now is your chance to ask Dhru any questions which may have come up for you.

I am going to go to the first question. Hi, this is Jasbina.


Talk To Your Boss: Responsibilities and a Raise

Caller One asks Dhru Beeharilal: Hi. Dhru, I have a question about something you mentioned in the interview about asking your boss for a raise or asking for more responsibilities.

For example, my boss has asked me quite a few times if I’m happy in my role and if I like what I’m doing. I wonder where the boundaries are in that question.

I’m not actually happy with what I’m doing. It’s a fairly new job. I’m in a pickle in what to do.

I know that she’s said that I can definitely expand my role in the future and do all these other things, which is great. But I also feel bad saying, “I’d rather be in that department.”

I’m lost on where to take this and how to do it for my benefit. Where can I go with this? Where is the boundary of what I can and can’t say without getting in trouble or getting fired? I guess that’s my fear.



Dhru Beeharilal

That’s a fear that a lot of people have when they start a new job of any kind, whether they’re with the same company or a new company. That’s an issue that they have.


Talk To Your Boss: Time Sensitive

Let’s talk about your relationship with your boss. Is she a new boss? Is she someone you’ve known before?


Caller One

She’s a new boss. I started in August so it’s a fairly new relationship.


Dhru Beeharilal

So you didn’t know her before that?


Caller One


Talk To Your Boss: Tread Lightly


Dhru Beeharilal

Your rapport with her is pretty weak in general. You can tread lightly.

You definitely don’t want to say, “I hate my job. I can’t stand it.” I would say to be as honest as you can be.

They’re not going to fire you for not enjoying your job. I’ve missed that in the past as well. I’ve made the mistake of not saying anything. You just end up unhappy.


Talk To Your Boss: Boss’ Concerns

She’s probably asking the question because it’s a new role. She wants to see how you fit in that role.

  • Some people out there are trying to be good managers. There are a lot of bad ones out there, don’t get me wrong.
  • Some people try to be good managers. Part of that is making sure that your subordinates are developing where they want to develop.


On top of that, you have to see it from her perspective, too. If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, you’re not going to do it as well as if you were happy.


Talk To Your Boss: Happiness Reflects Performance

She wants you to be productive and effective at what you’re doing.

If you could be happier somewhere else that she can fit you in, she’ll work on trying to do that if she’s a good manager.

Start by talking to her about it. Begin the conversation. Be honest but don’t go all the way if you don’t feel comfortable.


Talk To Your Boss: Be Cautious

Start the conversation in such a way that you’re cautious, but be as honest as you can be. That’s the way to start.

You’re hurting yourself right now because you’re not enjoying what you’re doing. The chance of you moving to a different job is zero if you don’t talk to her about it.

If you do talk to her about it then you have a 50/50 chance. Maybe she will say, “There is another position over here where we can fit you in. You might enjoy that a lot more.”


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