How to Match Two People

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Marla Martenson, author of entitled Hearts on the Line: The Elusive Pursuit of Love in the City of Angels: I love that. I always say that being selective is great. But you should be very vigilant about what you’re being selective about.

It’s a half inch here or there versus character traits. It’s for the long haul.

What do you tend to use as a basis for matching two people? How has that changed for you over the years?


Marla Martenson

How to Match Two People: Get To Know Them

I get to know the person.

  • I’ll sit down with them and find out what they’re looking for.
  • We’ll talk about their lifestyle.

I have quite a large database. I have recruiters and I’m always getting new people. I get the overall picture of what they’re looking for and then start presenting candidates.

How to Match Two People: Men Want Looks

Of course, with the men, it’s always looks first.

First, I have to find a candidate that he will like the look of or he won’t even be open to hearing the rest.

How to Match Two People: Women Want Personality

The women are a little more open. Humor is big. They are looking for powerful, successful and dynamic men.

The women tend to look a little more for characteristics first and then the rest.

The men go for the looks first and then the rest.


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Now you know how to match two people, can you think of two friends you’d like to set-up? Do you have experience matchmaking? What’s your process? Share with us in the comments below.


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