Have Confidence and Trust Yourself!

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Heather Hans, author of The Heart of Self-Love: Tell me about the concept of confidence. Some of the main teachings in your book lead people to confidence. Can you tell us about that?



Have Confidence: 2 Parts

Heather Hans

2 Parts of Confidence:

  1. Confidence in Life
  2. Self-Confidence

I see confidence as a two-part thing.


Have Confidence: In Life

One is having confidence in life itself, knowing that you are always provided for and cared for, that life is a good, benevolent force that is abundant. That is a greater confidence.


Have Confidence: Self-Confidence

Then there is self-confidence. To me, that means that you trust yourself. You honor yourself. You believe in yourself.

It doesn’t mean that you never feel vulnerable or that you always know the right thing to do.

There is an overwhelming feeling of, “I got this. Even if I mess up, I’m going to figure it out and move forward.”


Have Confidence and Self-Love

Self-love requires you to focus on all parts of yourself, mind, body and spirit, in order to have confidence.

I’ve seen people who have been in great physical health but have had mental health issues, like low self-worth or dependency issues.

I’ve seen people who have been mental health experts but have had spiritual cynicism.

I’ve seen people who have a strong spiritual core and a big loving heart but their physical health is a mess.

When any one of these three parts of ourselves is not cared for, it inhibits our confidence.

My book is a map that shows people how to function on all three of those cylinders, mental, physical and spiritual health and confidence.


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