Engagement Scaling: The Need

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Toby Chaudhuri, Co-Founder and CSO of SocialxDesign:: Absolutely. They have a voice. That’s very exciting. Is part of that the reason that led you to start your own company in terms of recognizing that trend with Indian Americans being more active?

Tell me what led you to start your company.


Toby Chaudhuri

There is an interesting thing that happened. While we were working with the Obama White House early, there was a pretty clear challenge that the White House was confronting.


Engagement Scaling: Mainstream America

Given this rise in diversity, how does the federal government deliver federal services and protection to all kinds of constituencies?

I was observing that, all of a sudden, there was no mainstream in America. There are many streams.


Engagement Scaling: The Creation

The old ways of connecting didn’t work. I was part of a team that started to rethink how that connection was happening.

We ended up flipping the script. We designed a new way of connecting, engaging and interacting with citizens in some key constituencies. We found engagement scaling.

What’s interesting about that for me personally was that, in doing that work, I found myself in dozens of different cities.


Engagement Scaling: West vs. East

While in Silicon Valley, there was a group of folks who came together who were doing work that was largely known in Silicon Valley but less so on the East Coast around design thinking and a new approach to solving complex problems.


Engagement Scaling: The Career Path

When we were able to combine that with the approach of community organizing and social movement work that I had built a career around, it just yielded amazing returns.

We ended up scaling that and created a company out of that work. My company has an office in Washington, DC. We have offices out in the Bay Area, including working with several folks in the Stanford ecosystem.

The new explorations and discoveries that we’ve been able to make have been amazing.


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