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Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Brian Howie, author of How to Find Love in 60 Seconds: I love that, especially, “I will tell you when I see you.” I find that a lot of men are almost waiting for permission.

It’s not that they don’t necessarily want to ask someone out online, but over the course of their interactions, there have been women who have completely slammed that or are concerned about their safety and security.

I love that you said that. I love, “I would like to do it again.” I think there’s a lot of stuff out there.

What are your top two or three tips for the men in terms of navigating this?


Brian Howie

Don’t Be Afraid, Do Not Fear Rejection

Don’t be afraid. You’re probably going to get rejected, okay?

We had a very smart panelist who did a bunch of our shows. His name is Thomas Edwards.

He believes that your “yes” lives in the land of “no.”

Do Not Fear Rejection, Take a Chance

What that means is to assume you’re going to get a no, but every time you dive in there, you might get lucky and find a yes.

There’s nothing wrong with being rejected. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. What’s the worst that she’s going to say after you approach her?

Do Not Fear Rejection, Be Smooth

Approach her in a way that is not sexual and not predatory and is also fun. Go up to her and compliment her bag and shoes.

Show that she has good style. Show something about her. Talk to her about something that is not specifically about her face or her body.

Engage her in conversation about stuff. Ask her for directions. Don’t be afraid to just say, “Hello.”

If she has a problem with hello, that probably wasn’t going to work out anyway.


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Men, do not fear rejection, have you felt like you missed an opportunity because of fear? Share those experiences with us below in the comments section.


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