Culture Influences Love: Learn How?

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Susan Winter – Author of the book ‘Allowing Magnificence: Living the Expanded Version of Your Life’: You write about the ways in which our self-worth and our identity are connected to our authentic selves. Tell us what you mean by that in terms of that connection.


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Susan Winter

We start off in life by learning how to be according to the world around us. Our society has come up with, “This is correct and this is not correct.”

Unique Culture Influences

The society of South Asians may be a completely different reality than an American growing up in the Midwest, the value system of what is correct and right.

We grow up adopting a system generically good. It’s been passed down by our ancestors and our parents.

We are told, “This is the correct way to live life.” It’s what I call the checklist.

  • You go to the right schools.
  • You do the right things.
  • You marry the right person.

While it’s a fine design, what we are not asking in that expression of our authentic selves is, “Is this right and true for me? How do I feel about this?”

Instead of taking on an identity that our world has said is appropriate to really check in to see what our unique gift is here to live out and create the life that we feel is correct and has meaning for us, to live a relationship authentic with who we are and our abilities and desires.


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Initially, we learn by following examples. Then, there is the separation process.

Oftentimes, we feel very disconnected, maybe from our family or friends.

  • We’re changing.
  • We’re growing.
  • We’re going in a different direction.

That’s the uncharted journey that is often unsupported. It is that very journey that has no markers.

Discover Your Authentic Self

We don’t know where we’re going. It’s all trial and error and new input. That’s the beauty.

That’s the real thing. That’s where we’re carving out how we feel at any given moment about this new input and whether it’s a yes or no for us.

That’s the true journey of living the authentic self.


How About You?

Have there been culture influences on your perception of love? Share your experience with us in the comments below.


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