Dr. Craig Martin Interview – Find Compatibility and Create a Lasting Relationship

“Elemental Love Styles: Find Compatibility and Create a Lasting Relationship”
Jasbina Ahluwalia interviews Dr. Craig Martin

A few topics Dr. Craig Martin addresses in this interview are:

  1. (1:44)     Elemental Love Style: What’s Yours?
  2. (4:31)     Intimacy Brings Inner Change
  3. (7:01)     Perfect Elemental Love Style Pairing
  4. (14:57)   Self-Discovery Through Relationships
  5. (20:59)  Partner Interaction: How to Improve
  6. (29:38)  Learn About Yourself: It’s Important


Dr. Craig Martin, known to most as “Dr. Craig,” is a spiritual counselor, relationship expert, and author of Elemental Love Styles: Find Compatibility and Create a Lasting Relationship.

He provides counseling based on astrology and his lifetime of studying worldwide spiritual practices like The Kabbalah, Druidic Mysticism, the Norse Ruins, Native American Shamanism and other ritual ceremonies. “I’ve immersed myself in many spiritual practices and I have always learned great lessons, whether it’s about stillness or joy or renunciation. I continue to find tangible pearls of spiritual insights from every culture,” explains Dr. Craig.

In his work he focuses on teaching self-awareness, acceptance and love in a simple way. He helps people realize that introspection doesn’t need to be difficult – but it is needed – to build great relationships in all aspects of your life.

Dr. Craig developed his unique method of counseling by combining his experience as a homeopathic doctor with his extensive knowledge of astrology. “Everyone has their own personal dilemma to solve and their own healing process to unfold to create the foundation that’s needed to nurture all relationships,” says Dr. Craig. He focuses on helping both individuals and couples achieve clarity and balance through self-discovery.

In Elemental Love Styles, people find and understand their deeper needs through the four natural elements, which represent the human personality types: Fire (creative and enthusiastic), Air (communicative and social), Water (emotional and intuitive) and Earth (practical and grounded).

Dr. Craig designed the elemental system to determine deeper love needs based on psychological types. Through in-depth explanations of each, questionnaires, real life scenarios and a breakdown of how the elemental types relate to one another, people are able to rejuvenate their relationships.


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Jasbina Ahluwalia

(00:48):  Hello everyone and welcome to Intersections Match’s Talk Radio, a monthly holistic lifestyle show focused on the continual evolution into the best versions of our authentic selves. We and our guests discuss relationships and health and wellness, each of which contributes to meaningful and fulfilling lives.

This is Jasbina, your host. I’m a former practicing lawyer and the Founder of Intersections Match, the only elite national personalized matchmaking company focused on singles of South Asian descent nationwide in the US.

I’m very excited to welcome relationship expert, Dr. Craig Martin, to our show tonight. Dr. Martin has been featured on television as a relationship expert and is in demand as a speaker and teacher nationally. Tonight, we will be discussing Dr. Martin’s book, Elemental Love Styles. Welcome, Dr. Martin.


Dr. Craig Martin

(1:42): Thanks, Jasbina. It’s great to be here.



Jasbina Ahluwalia

Elemental Love Style: What’s Yours?

(1:44): It’s a pleasure to have you. As a professional dating coach and matchmaker, I’m fascinated by insights and perspectives regarding relationships.

I’ve enjoyed reading your book, Elemental Love Styles and would love to explore some of the insights shared in your book.

Dr. Martin, you describe your book as a process of self-discovery divided into four parts. In part one, you explain the four elements that help the readers identify their own elemental styles through a quiz.

Can you set the context by explaining the four elements to our listeners?


Dr. Craig Martin

(2:21): The four elements are the four natural elements that we find in nature.

They are:

  1. Fire
  2. Air
  3. Water
  4. Earth.

They’ve been around for a really long time. For millennia, people have been observing them. We’ve been able to observe them in nature.

In nature, we see the sun as fire. Then there is the air, the water and the earth that we stand on.

Through time, we’ve also been able to equate them to human health.

We have a temperature. That’s our fire.

We breathe air.

Our bodies are mostly made up of water.

Our cells, bones and muscles are the earthy part.

I took that to bring it into human personality to describe the way we interact with each other from an elemental perspective.

Elaborating on Elemental Love Style: What’s Yours?.



Jasbina Ahluwalia

Intimacy Brings Inner Change

(4:31): Part two of your book looks at how to create a happy, healthy relationship as well as provides intimacy skills to help readers work through problem areas with their partners.

I found one of the insights shared in this section of your book particularly compelling. I viewed it as empowering.

You write, “I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on intimacy. That’s because intimacy makes your relationship meaningful and real. One of intimacy’s major components is Dynamic Inner Growth, or DIG. DIG is about making better choices. It enables your relationship to work out better. A lasting relationship is one where you’re going to have to work it out.”

Then you write, “DIG is the inner change brought about by self-reflection.”

Will you expand on this empowering insight?


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 Dr. Craig Martin

(5:23): I think one of the biggest parts of the book is that second section.

People are kind of aware that they’re going to encounter it, but it’s about having a very conscious idea of the reality that relationships are going to create a change in us for the better.

Elaborating on Intimacy Brings Inner Change.



Jasbina Ahluwalia

Perfect Elemental Love Style Pairing

(7:01): Part three of your book allows readers to compare their own elemental styles to those of their partners. It further allows readers to identify the greatest strengths and challenges of each particular elemental pairing.

Can you share some of the examples of the strengths and challenges for different elemental pairings?


Dr. Craig Martin

(7:28): I like part three because I think that’s part of the fun of the book.

People find out, “I’m a fire type.” Then they find out that their lover is a water type, or any of the other combinations.

Part three is the part where you really learn about each other as a couple and what you’re bringing to the table.

Elaborating on Perfect Elemental Love Style Pairing.


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Jasbina Ahluwalia

Self-Discovery Through Relationships

(14:57): That brings us to part four of your book, which shares with the readers how greater self-discovery and intimacy in a relationship can help readers achieve their highest potential as individuals.

I’d like to share with our listeners one insight from this part of your book and then have you expand on it.

You write, “Doing the honest, intimate work of a healthy relationship has an amazing effect on both you and your partner, individually and as a couple. Not only does it help your relationship work out and last, but it also brings with it the opportunity to achieve your potential.”

You later write, “Potential is a goal, not a state of being. It is something you work towards. You can’t be expected to act from your potential all the time. Your potential is something you strive for.” This is such a great quote.

I will continue with it. “You do this by making good choices. The good choices I’m referring to are the ones you make regarding your character. They are made through intimacy, love, honesty and dynamic inner growth. Your relationship is the best place for you to become more aware of yourself, the choices you make and the effect those choices have on your partner.”

I chose particular passages where you focus on empowerment and choices. That is what I find most compelling. Can you expand and tell us about your words here?


Dr. Craig Martin

(16:27): First, I’m so flattered that you’re picking out such important parts of this material for me. In writing the book, my motivation was to have people see exactly the parts that you’re bringing up. I get emails from people who mention these same things.

You might not realize that, part of why you want to pick someone in your life is so that you can grow together in a spiritual relationship.

Elaborating on Self-Discovery Through Relationships.



Jasbina Ahluwalia

Partner Interaction: How to Improve

(20:59): What else is interesting about your book, Elemental Love Styles, is that you have dialogue between people throughout the book exhibiting different elemental styles, and staying true to their elemental self, you suggest ways to improve the way they interact with their partners.

Similarly, you have questions that you field from people where your answers suggest, “From your question, it appears that this is something that you as an earth person are facing with someone who sounds like a water person.”

Most of our listeners probably haven’t read your book yet. Can you give us one example of one of the questions that you’ve fielded where you were able to identify, “This sounds like an earth person and a water person?”


Dr. Craig Martin

(22:15): There are many examples.

I work with one man who is very earthy.

  • He is a hospital administrator.
  • His wife is a lovely woman but she’s very fiery. She’s very bold and take charge.
  • He’s very dependable and reliable.

Their relationship is very good.

One thing that really makes him crazy is the way she spends money. He’s very practical and concerned with their finances.

Elaborating on Partner Interaction: How to Improve.



Jasbina Ahluwalia

Learn About Yourself: It’s Important

(29:38): Right, absolutely. I have a final quote. The reason I selected this one is because I think it brings home everything we’re talking about in terms of elemental psychology.

You say, “People lack perspective about what they need because they are entrenched in habitual ways of seeing themselves and the world. But elemental psychology can help us cut through these established patterns and gain greater awareness of our relationships and ourselves.” Will you share with our listeners what you mean by that?


Dr. Craig Martin

(30:17): It’s the idea that we have certain beliefs that are conditioned in us.

We’re conditioned to believe that we should want what our parents want or what society wants for us, rather than being authentic to who we really are.

Any system, it’s not just the elemental system, that helps us learn a little bit more about ourselves is helpful. The elemental view is very simple.

Elaborating on Learn About Yourself: It’s Important.



Jasbina Ahluwalia

(32:07): Dr. Martin, I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. They’ve been very insightful and interesting. Is there any last thought or take-home message that you’d like to leave our listeners with?


Dr. Craig Martin

(32:16): Never give up. One of the things that comes to mind after talking to you is that relationship life is a process. Even if we get hurt along the way or find that there are people out there who we think have done us wrong or haven’t lived up to their promises, after a time of healing, cleansing, re-grouping and bringing ourselves back to our center, we should always be ready to go back out there again and meet the person who is going to be right for us.



Jasbina Ahluwalia

(32:59): I love that. I’d like to thank Dr. Martin for joining us today. It’s been a pleasure.


Dr. Craig Martin

(33:07): Thank you so much. It’s been a really amazing, enjoyable experience for me as well. I hope you all have a really great evening. I look forward to talking to you again soon.


Jasbina Ahluwalia

(33:17): Thank you. Once again, if you’d like to learn more about the insights that Dr. Martin has been sharing with us today, his book is entitled Elemental Love Styles.


Dr. Craig Martin

(33:26): You can find Elemental Love Styles at all of the book stores and Amazon.com. If anyone would like to contact me personally, you can find me at DoctorCraig.com or LAHealer.com, which is about my personal services.


Jasbina Ahluwalia

(33:43): In case you joined us late or would like to share this show with people in your life, I’d like to remind you that today’s radio show will be archived and available as a podcast on Intersections Match’s website, which is www.IntersectionsMatch.com. I can be reached at jasbina@intersectionsmatch.com. I appreciate you hanging out with us. Do email me with topics you’d like discussed in future shows. Make sure to join us for next month’s show. Thank you so much.  


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