Aakash Patel Launches Elevate

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Aakash Patel, Founder and President of Elevate, Inc.: You’ve also started your own company. Tell me what led you to found your own company and start Elevate?


Aakash Patel

There were a lot of mentors that I met through the political process and the community leaders here in Tampa Bay.

Aakash Patel Launches Elevate After Volunteering

I volunteered at the Indo-US Chamber of Commerce. I also worked for the county at the Citizens Advisory Commission.

I met a lot of folks who said, “We need young blood involved in the political process. We need a lot of young blood to keep our best and brightest here in the area.”

The Florida market died in 2008 and 2009 during the recession. A lot of the best and brightest minds were leaving the area.

A-ha Moment: Aakash Patel Launches Elevate

My friends at that time were starting up businesses. They said, “We’re starting our own business but we don’t know where to go to brand ourselves. We don’t know where to network. We don’t know which events or organizations to get involved in.”

I said, “I’ll help you.” Then they said, “If you’re helping us, can we pay you?” I said, “Let me think about it. Yes, I’ll start a business.”

I told them the process. They said, “Here’s a business plan. Go execute it.”

It took a little bit, but in 2012, I launched my own company. We have five employees and we have about 16 clients right now.


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