Transform From Inside: 3 Steps

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Debi Berndt, author of Let Love InYou are changing from the inside. I find that very empowering.

You outline three steps in the process of transforming from the inside out. You change what you term your “love destiny.” Would you tell our listeners about that?



Debi Berndt

3 Steps Transform From Inside Out

  1. Right frame of mind.
  2. Align emotions and body.
  3. Faith.


Transform From Inside: Right Frame of Mind

 The first step is that you have to get your mindset in the right frame of mind.

You have to love yourself because no one else is going to love you unless you do. Everyone knows that.

It’s about finding that self-love, not only on a conscious level but on a subconscious level.


Transform From Inside: Align Emotions and Body

The second phase of this three-step process is getting your emotions and body in alignment.

This is how you feel and then what you do with your body.

  • Do you participate in something that’s going to bring you closer to love or take you farther away?
  • Are you going back to an old boyfriend that you know isn’t going to lead anywhere?
  • Are you going to step forward? That also dictates how fast love comes to you.


Transform From Inside: Faith

 The last part is faith. That really has to do with your own personal relationship with the divine, God or whatever you believe in.

It’s the belief that you do have that power and connection to create the life that you want. You have to really believe that it’s possible.


Transform From Inside: Together

If you tie those three together, it’s like a radio dial. They don’t all have to be perfect. You don’t have to think positive 100% 24/7.

If you can shift the pattern of thinking, change a little bit of what you’re doing and really believe that it’s possible, those three elements will change your destiny.


Transform From Inside: Your Choice

When I talk about destiny, I’m not talking about someone else dictating destiny to you.

Your destiny is your choice. It really is. You’re in charge of your destiny.

When I realized that, it was freeing. I thought, “I can take care of me.”

It’s so hard when you get into a relationship. You think that you’re powerless to that other person as to whether they love you back. You’re always in control of how you love yourself.


Jasbina Ahluwalia

Transform From Inside: Love Yourself

You’re always in control of how you love yourself.


Debi Berndt

Yes, it’s no one else’s job but yours.


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