Overcoming Limitation: 3 Steps

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Rebecca Grado, co-author of Taming Your Alpha Bitch: How to Be Fierce and Feminine (and Get Everything You Want!): Your book discusses at greater length how each of these four alpha bitch behaviors are different in how they are manifested but are triggered by the core beliefs of lack and insufficiency.

You also mention three steps for releasing lack and limitation. Would you share those with our listeners?



Rebecca Grado

3 Steps to Overcoming Limitation:

  1. Identify the belief
  2. Question the veracity of its truth
  3. Start to think a new thought over and over again

However our inner alpha bitch reveals herself, whether we’re being forceful, controlling, competitive or attention seeking, it’s vital to understand that they’re always triggered by the core beliefs of lack and limitation.

It’s fear. Fear leads us to feel these feelings of scarcity. Then we act out in the ways that we do.


Overcoming Limitation: Identify the Belief

The first thing that we need to do to release these fears is to identify the beliefs that are holding us back.

If we find ourselves being a drama queen, think, “What was the belief that led me here?”


Overcoming Limitation: Question Veracity of Its Truth

We can choose a problematic area of our life and bring insight into that limiting belief. Don’t judge it or analyze it. Just start to see it for what it is.

Once we recognize the negative belief that we’ve been carrying, we can begin to ask ourselves whether that belief is the truth or if it’s just something that we’ve picked up along the way from our families, our culture or from our experiences in life.

Where did this belief come from? Is this a truth?

As we begin to see it, nine times out of ten, we think, “This is not even a truth. It’s a truth I’ve been upholding, but it’s not a truth in my life. It no longer serves me.”

Then we can anchor in a new belief. It’s as simple as that. Mastering the mind is simply about recognizing the beliefs that lead to the feelings in our life that then create our personal vibration.


Overcoming Limitation: Introduce New Beliefs

That brings all things into our lives. As we begin to master our minds, we can release the thoughts that no longer serve us and begin to bring in the thoughts that are more empowering.

This literally creates new neural pathways in our brain. We just need to anchor them in. We need to think this new thought over and over again.

I always say, we don’t have to believe it.

Oftentimes, we’re thinking the new thought and saying, “Yeah, right.” If we think it over and over again, it starts to take shape. It’s like creating a little rut in the ground. If we drive over and over again, it creates a new pathway.

We can repeat the more desirable thought over and over again. Over time, it becomes our new reality.


Overcoming Limitation: Real-Life

I’ve seen evidence of this in my life.

I’ve had the thought of gratitude. It didn’t feel real to me while I was doing it. I didn’t really believe it.

Over time, the thought starts to think itself. When you need it, your mind will naturally go there rather than the old belief.

That’s the three-step process. It’s to identify the belief, question the veracity of its truth and then start to think a new thought over and over again.


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