Women Are Adulterous Too!

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. Helen Fisher: My next question was about misconceptions. I think you already addressed some of them.

What are the greatest misconceptions regarding the way men and women approach finding life partners?

You have that empirical evidence there to debunk a lot of these myths.

Are there any other misconceptions that might surprise our listeners?



Dr. Helen Fisher

There are all kinds of things. I wrote a whole book on gender differences in the brain.


Women Are Adulterous and Want Sex

One of the things that is one of my pet peeves is that we live in a society where people think that women are less interested in sex than men.

As an anthropologist, when you go into tribal societies or hunting and gathering societies, these people don’t think that women are any less sexual than men are.

We come from 10,000 years of believing that a woman’s place is in the home, that they want attachment and men want to be adulterers.

We go into relationships thinking that women aren’t interested in sex, which is not true.


Women Are Adulterous: Double Standard

I often wonder why everyone thinks that men are more adulterous than women are.

All of our data does show that men are more adulterous than women.

But in younger generations who did not grow up with the double sexual standard, where women work for a living and make just as much money as their husbands do, the data is that women are just as adulterous as men.

I often think that men and women are in collusion here.


Women Are Adulterous: What Men Think

Men seem to want to think that men are more adulterous.

Women want men to think that men are more adulterous. So they simply agree on all of this.

In a recent study, they asked people how many sexual encounters they’d had in the last year.

Sure enough, men said that they’d had many more than women.


Women Are Adulterous: The Test

Then they hooked up a group of people to a lie detector.

Sure enough, women had just as many sex partners as men did. I think we’re moving under a lot of misconceptions.

We’ve spent 50 years trying to figure out who women are. I think now it’s time to figure out who men are, too.


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