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Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Carol Allen: A lot of our listeners are of South Asian background. I think a lot of them will find it fascinating that someone not from the culture has embraced this and has expertise in it.

How does one become a Vedic astrologer?



Carol Allen

Vedic Astrology Finds You: Few Are Chosen

That is an excellent question. Many are called, few are chosen. There are various ways.

When I first began studying, I was in Los Angeles, California. I’m a California valley girl. There are no Indians in my family. I have the most beautiful Indian clients. I’m always joking with them that a need to look like them to be brand-aligned.

There was nothing in my childhood or background.


Vedic Astrology Finds You: Carol Allen’s Story

When I was about 23, I was fresh out of college. I was starting my own personal quarter-life crisis.

I had a lot of confusion in my life for the first time about what to do, what to be, what I wanted and who I was.


Vedic Astrology Finds You: Normal Life

You put a child in a school system for 18 years where everything is laid out and communicated in terms of what’s expected. 

Every day, they have five subjects. They have off every summer. They have all of this freedom.

Then you drop them on their head at 22 out of college and say, “Hey, good luck with that. Go make a great life.” You probably went straight to law school since you’re a former lawyer. I floundered around.


Vedic Astrology Finds You: The Encounter

I was lucky enough to be at a friend’s party at 23. A Vedic astrologer was there. He was a seemingly Western normal white guy who was from Canada. He wasn’t Indian. He wasn’t Hindu but he had been a Hare Krishna.

In the 70s and 80s here in the United States, most Vedic astrologers were Hare Krishna or they were in SRF, which is the beautiful organization of Yogananda, the first teacher of yoga.

He had a lot of Indian philosophies and Hindu ideas in the West. He lived 100 years ago and wrote a book called Autobiography of Yogi.

To this day, it is always on spiritual bestsellers. I met this man. He gave me a reading. It blew me away.


Vedic Astrology Finds You: Belief

He described exactly what I was going through with my confusion. It was funny. Like every young twenty-something in Los Angeles, I was trying to be an actress.

He said to me, “Oh my gosh. What are you doing? Your chart has disappointment in the arts and says you’re supposed to be some sort of spiritual counselor.”

I said, “Yeah right, buddy. Spiritual counseling? You might as well tell me I have two heads.” He wasn’t kidding with that disappointment in the arts thing.

Everyone has a challenging time with show business but my life was literally in danger.

Every audition I went on and every interview I had was a nightmare. The day I met my manager, I had food poisoning. I got into car accidents or I got mugged on all of my main auditions. It was hilarious.


Vedic Astrology Finds You: Kismat

I was so blown away by the reading that I started studying with him. Then it “turned out” that there was a school of Vedic astrology six blocks from where I was living.

As far as I know, that was the only one in the United States at the time. All of these incredible astrologers became great friends of mine. They took me under their wing. They gave me computers and books.

The next thing you know, I’m doing readings for friends, friends of friends and mothers of friends. The phone starts ringing off the hook because this stuff just works.


Vedic Astrology Finds You: Natural Path

Now it’s been 22 years and I can’t believe it. I have books and reports. I have all kinds of fun stuff to help people discover for themselves their compatibility with someone they love, the capacity of someone they love or the timing of their relationships.


Vedic Astrology Finds You: First Time

At that first reading I had with that gentleman, I was 23.

He said to me, “Don’t even bother trying to have a relationship in your 20s. It won’t work. Just have fun.”

I already had a serious boyfriend. I said, “Screw you. You’re wrong. I’m going to be an actress. I’m going to marry my boyfriend.” Everything he said came true.

He told me I would get married at 30. By 29, I was bleeding and crawling on my face because I was so miserable in my love life. I’d had such a turbulent time in my 20s.

Then, boom, at 30 I got married. By then, I was spiritually counseling. Acting was long gone.

I was my own client first. Now I have tools that I myself needed and used to help others. I’m so grateful. It’s so rewarding.


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