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—– Reinvent Your Love Life Assessment

I have been thinking about you all this past week and was planning to email you with some great news

– I am engaged!!!!

I am currently in France and we just got engaged  last week in St. Tropez. I am thrilled and we are  planning a wedding for beginning of October as we want to start a family ASAP.

I wasn’t ready to give you a testimonial back in January as I was holding my breath nervously to see where things would go… But I am happy to do so now.

I met him online.

I did post the photos from my photo shoot and he told me several times it was the photos that drew him in and led him to email me.

I wanted to thank you for insisting that I get that photo shoot – because it indeed made all the difference.

Also, because of you, between May and September last year, I prioritized dating in a way that I think ultimately led me to the opportunity of  meeting him.

Thank you for re-energizing my search.



This year has brought many wonderful things and made my dreams come true…

– The wedding was wonderful, we were able to get pregnant right away (we are expecting in July), and we just bought a house!

~ Physician, San Francisco – Silicon Valley (California)

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